10th Anniversary of BK-ict

10th Anniversary of BK-ict

BK-ICT's News 01/11/11, Today, BK-MIS Project for Vietnam-Germany Steel has been signed.

BK-ict News, 01/11/11: The good news for BK-ict, today, 01/11/11, the Contract of BK-MIS aplying the Total Solution of online information – communication technology through the manufacturing and trading  has been signed officially between Mr. Le Minh Hai, General Director of JSC Vietnam Germany Steel and Dr. Bui Thi Mai Huong, represents of the BK-ict.
VGS is the 25th customer's BK-ict for MIS and several of manufacturers are in negotiating phase for their MIS especially in heavy industry fields (cement, steel, chemicals.

BK-ict's News 05/08/2011: BK-MIS Project for Phu My Flat Steel (PFS)

Today,05/08/2011, Contract of Construction and Commissioning Production Management System - Online Trading (BK-MIS Ver. 2011) for the Phu My Flat Steel Company under the Vietnam Steel Company Authority has been officially signed between Mr. Huynh Cong Du, Director of PFS and Dr. Bui Thi Mai Huong, director of BK-ict. The value of the contract were not disclosed, however, according to Mr. Bui Quoc Anh,BK-ict’s Chairman, it is very competitive and efficient for both two sides, with features the most complete and up to date.

VSC-POSCO MIS project is finished successfully.

Yesterday, 22nd Mar, 2011 the finishing protocol of MIS project has signed betwwen both sides, VSC-POSCO Steel and BK-ict after 7 months of surveying, programming, installing, onsite training... and testing for 4 months.

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