NatSteelVina, Thai Nguyen province

  • NatSteelVina, Thai Nguyen province, is a joint venture between VNSteel and NatSteel Singapore (a Tata group company).
  • 120,000 Tpy with rod coil and rebar steel.
  • NatSteelVina is the first BK-Steel customer in Vietnam launched in 2000.
    Project’s upgraded 2007. In 2008, the BK-Steel package was upgraded as a total solution and named BK-MIS, openning a new generation of software-hardware-networking co-designing solution for all kinds of industrial units and NatSteelVina, once more, is the first customer of BK-MIS.

Vietnam – Australia Steel (VinAuSteel), Haiphong city

  • Vietnam – Australia Steel (VinAuSteel), Haiphong city, an earliest joint venture company in rolling steel unit in Northern of Vietnam.
  • Production of 200,000 tonne per year of high quality rebar steel.
  • Project was started from 2004 still now.
SSE Steel, Haiphong city
  • SSE Steel is an 100% Foreign Direct Investment Company in steel production
  • Production of 200,000 tonne per year with 2 types of product: rod coils and rebar bundles steel.
  • SSE project was started from 2002 still now.

Vietnam - Italy Steel

  • Vietnam - Italy Steel with total production lines imported from Danieli, Italy.
  • Project started from 2004.
The Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel Company
  • The Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel Company is an oldest brother of Steel industry in Vietnam, it was established from 1956 and up to now, it is developing rapidly, it  has more than 20 subsidaries.
  • Most specialists of Vietnam Steel was trained and grew up from there.
  • Project started in 2009.

The Southern Steel Company - Phu My Steel

  • The Southern Steel Company as known Phu My Steel, locatede in Phu My 1 industrial zone, Tan Thanh distric, Ba Ria – Vung Tan province, a biggest steel company of Vietnam Industrial Steel.
  • 400,000 tonnes billet and 500,000 tonne of rebar, rod coil anf structured steels. It’s invested with lastest IT and automation technologies and Level 2 Data base system.

Cty CP Thép Biên Hòa

  • Is a VICASA TradeMarh before the war, Now, company product 250.000 tonne  rod coils and rebar bundles steel per year.
  • Company has a line production 100.000 tonne per year.


Thu Duc Steel joint stock company.

  • Thủ Đức Steel joint stock company with well-known trade mark VIKIMCO before 1975. Now its production about 100,000 tonne per year of rebar steel and billet.
Cty CP Thép Nhà Bè, Sài Gòn 7 Cty LD Tôn Phương Nam Cty Thép Hòa Phát Nhà máy cán thép Lưu Xá
Nhà máy Cán thép Thái Nguyên